T S Eliot · The Hollow Men


T S Eliot · The Hollow Men

A poster-book presenting an extract from the famous Eliot poem, text that he later went on to qualify as his 'most blasphemous piece of work'. The hand-setting is in large sizes of 60-point Gill Ultra bold and Falstaff and printed using a rainbow banding technique (split ink-duct fade) in order to mirror the tints in the opposing page original print. The French translation by Pierre Leiris is in 12-point Syntax bold capitals printed in silver. The screenprint was masterfully editioned in several colours at the Royal College of Art in 1989 by Mick Stokes.


25 artist-signed copies in all; 20 on white Arches 88 and 5 copies on Arches cream papers.

In-4 (56 × 76 cm). 4 pp. Loose-leaf. Printed by Michael Caine, Editions Petropolis. Paris, 2017.

Bilingual · edition on Arches 88 paper: 600 €